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The Polish Zloty rates below were last updated 5 minutes ago

PLN Rate
€750 Buys
Customer Rating
Order Online
Rate: 4.0690
3,051.75Collection only
Rate: 4.0244
3,018.30inc. FREE delivery

Exchange Euros for Polish Zloty

Do you need to exchange Euros for Polish Zloty? You've come to the right place. We compare Ireland's top currency suppliers so you can see in an instant who is offering the best Euro to Polish Zloty exchange rates. Our money exchange rate comparisons are updated constantly throughout the day directly from the suppliers' websites so you can find the best deals for collection and home delivery without visiting the high street.

For many people their bank or credit union is the first port of call when it comes to buying Polish Zloty, but a growing number of providers are offering money exchange services online so you can buy or reserve your currency in advance and either collect it from your chosen location or get it delivered to your door. Don't get ripped off at the airport or in the high street - compare the best Euro to Polish Zloty rates here and buy online to save money.

7 Day Exchange Rate History

Over the past week the Polish Zloty has dropped by 0.19% from last Wednesday's rate of 4.0767 to today's rate of 4.0690 which means €750 will buy you zł5.77 less now than it would have a week ago. During this period the best rate we recorded was 4.0824 on Thursday and the worst rate is 4.0690 recorded today.

90 Day Exchange Rate History

The 90 day outlook has seen the Polish Zloty rate drop by 1.06% from 4.1126 on 25th April 2019 to 4.0690 today. Based on these figures, €750 would have bought you zł32.70 more three months ago that it would have today. We recorded a high rate of 4.1245 on 15th May 2019 and a low rate of 4.0229 on 1st July 2019.

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